-New "NO COVERT" banner is now being displayed next to the proposed dealership site. Volunteers are needed to "sign sit". Please contact Linda @ to sign up.

-We are collecting Covert license plate frames from those who wish to show support and remove them from their vehicles. We will package them up and return them to Covert. If interested in participating, please email Linda Williams at

-Yard Signs now available! Click Here to see what the sign looks like. For those of you who live in Falconhead West, HOA has given blanket approval to utilize the signs in all front yards. To order yours please contact Stokes Sign Company. Yard signs take 3-5 days to complete and are $38.60 for the sign itself. Frames to hold the sign are $2.50 or $19.50 depending on how sturdy you want the frame to be. Group discounts are available however will take slightly longer to produce: 5-14 signs = $25.50 and 15 or more = $18.53 for each sign (sign only, frame prices stay the same). If you would like to purchase at the group discount rate please contact Linda,

-Window Decals now available! Click here to see a pic of the decal. Email Linda @ to get yours!

As most of you probably know by now, the Covert Auto Group is trying to build a large auto dealership in the backyard of an existing neighborhood (Falconhead West). They have purchased a 23 acre parcel of property on State Highway 71 between the existing Nitro Swimming Center and the entrance to the Falconhead West Subdivision on Vail Divide, for the purpose of building at least two car dealerships.

The land that the Coverts have purchased is located in the City of Bee Cave’s extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) not within the city limits. Because this particular piece of property is in the ETJ, the Bee Cave City Council has no authority to enforce its zoning restrictions on this property and very little other authority over how the property will be used. Unfortunately, because of Bee Cave’s small size, the city does not have the authority to annex territory into the city. The city can only annex at the request of the property owner.

Instead of listening to the elected representatives of our city, the Coverts sought out a pocket of property in the ETJ so that it could proceed with its plans. The problem is that the property directly abuts the Falconhead West neighborhood on a two lane highway with no dedicated acceleration or deceleration lanes for its traffic. A car dealership on this property will have disastrous consequences for the Falconhead West neighborhood. To name only a few:

1. Decreased property values. One area realtor estimated that the presence of a car dealership could have a $20,000 NEGATIVE impact on the value of some resident’s homes.
2. Significant light pollution (go visit the Covert GMC dealership in Bastrop at night)
3. Significant sound pollution (there is a reason most car dealerships are along busy highways like IH-35)
4. Exponentially increased traffic going in and out of the dealership.

Other communities that may not be as closely situated geographically, will also be negatively affected if the Coverts have their way. For example:

1. The direct route for many residents to the new Lake Travis Middle School will be along Hwy 71 past the car dealership
2. There is a very distinct possibility if one dealership is successful then others will come and Hwy 71 will become the Hill Country’s version of the “Motor Mile”.
3. More traffic means more accidents. This is entirely unacceptable.

Bee Cave, Texas does not want this dealership in our backyard. We ask everyone who wants this community to remain a beautiful, thriving, and family oriented place, to get involved and help out any way you can. A community that is united in its message to the Coverts is a powerful foe. This effort has been initiated by the Falconhead West subdivision as the proposed site is in our back yard. However, because this affects all of us, we welcome volunteers and those with real estate, legal or other expertise to join in this effort in any way you can. If you are interested please send e-mails to the following address: